Six Ways To Detect Fake LinkedIn Profiles

How_to_detect_a_fake_LinkedIn_profileBefore we look at the six ways to detect fake LinkedIn profiles, it’s important to understand the driving force behind these profiles and the main reason is spamming.

Spamming has been around for a long time, first via email and as blogs started proliferating, spammers started polluting blogs, it was only a question of time before they  started polluting social media platforms

Coming back to LinkedIn, two of the best way to get maximum exposure on LinkedIn are growing your network or participating in large, active discussion groups.  Both imply creating a profile and since spammers learn early on that to effectively spam, they needed many identities, in case they were filtered out.

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of fake profiles created by spammers either joining discussion groups or asking to join users networks, they usually target large active discussion groups and/or users with large networks, especially LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers) who are not too selective in growing their network and allow spammers to develop their network based on first and second degree connections.

Of course, there are a number of ways to stop them, the first one is to be selective in who you accept in your network, the second is for group owners to be more proactive in monitoring who joins their groups and to not fall into the temptation to grow the size of their group at the expense of the quality of the discussion. Continue reading

Social Job Search: Maximizing your Results

Social job searchSocial job search, strategies and tactics to maximize your results

In the past few years the hiring process has undergone massive changes.  Recruiters and hiring managers went from newspaper ads to job boards, corporate websites and now to social media platforms to seek out, identify and recruit talent.


Job seekers and career changers are now expected to have and be active in the social media sphere.

Even in the social media sphere the process has evolved from relying on LinkedIn to adopting Twitter, Facebook and other platforms like You Tube and blogs and it’s not far fetch to foresee recruiters using other platforms niche or main stream as they grow their reach.

Job seekers and career changers need to learn the platforms and constantly adapt to the way the platforms change and to the way recruiters use them. They need to embrace social media, learn how to optimize their social media profiles and avoid the pitfalls, monitor and manage their online reputation.

PDF Handout   Social Job Search 04_2014

Social Recruiting Impacts Your Job Search

Do you know how social recruiting impacts your job search?

Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly using social recruiting to research, seek out and recruit candidates.

If you are considering a career change,looking for a job or new career, you need to know how social recruiting is impacting the hiring process to create a strategy that will maximize your opportunities

Social Media Strategies And Tactics For The Job Search Slides

Social media strategies and tactics for the job search presentation InlandNet, May 15

Social Media Strategies And Tactics For The Job SearchWhat is social media?

Understanding social recruiting/social job search

Understanding the main platforms in the context of the job search

Social job search strategies and tactics

  • What happens in Vegas…  ends up on social media, find out what you don’t know that may hurt your search
  • Listen
  • Understanding the platforms to identify the ones that fit your job search strategy
  • Developing and managing your online brand

Tools to help you maximize your social media time

  • Monitoring:
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Facebook Job search apps
  • Twitter Job search apps
  • Twitter directories
  • Is your content on target


Social Recruiting, Social Job Search

A recent  Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey shows that:

  • More than 90% of employers used social recruiting in 2012.
  • Two-thirds of companies recruit candidates via Facebook, more than half use Twitter to find talent and nearly all use LinkedIn.
  • 43% of respondents felt that the quality of applicants has improved thanks to social media.
  • 20% said it takes less time to hire when using social recruiting.

Formatting Tips for Google Plus (+) Posts

Google+ formatting tipsFormatting your posts on Google Plus can be frustrating, here are a few tips that will make your post easier to read and increase their impact on Google plus

  • To make a word bold, place an asterisk on both sides of it. *I am a bold* becomes I am bold.
  • To make a word italicized, place an underscore on both sides of it. _I am italicized becomes I am italicized.
  • To strike-through a word, surround it like hyphens.  –I am struck through- becomes I am struck through.

Bullets can also help break up text. To create bullet points you can press Alt + 7 on you keyboard to create a black dot, or Alt + 9 to create a white circle dot. In fact, any of the special ALT codes on this list can be used when you create your Google pLUS updates.

Google + vanity urls are here… for some

Google +Google+ is finally rolling out custom urls (vanity urls), something that should be old story.  Don’t get too excited though, only a few selected verified accounts (read celebrities and big brands) have access to the feature.

Google plans a worldwide roll out, eventually, but no time frame has been announced.

The new url will look like this username