Are You Gambling with your Online Presence?

Centering your digital strategy around social media or any other platform you do not control is not a good idea and akin to gambling with your online presence .  

Gambling with your online presenceTerms of service do change, so does their interpretation and social media companies  have been known for taking pages or accounts down without warning and without recourse (like in this story).

Your website is the only platform you have full control over, assuming you did not use a website “farm”, meaning a company selling you a template or canned site they host.  It should be the center of your digital strategy and your blog should be a part of it, not a separate entity hosted on a different url.

Use social media platform to create conversations and drive traffic to your site where you can convert visitors into customers.

How does that translate in real life? 

You post stories and blog post on your self hosted blog, part of your website, publish a teaser on your social media platforms with a link to the page on your website driving traffic to your website.  Each new visitor to your website, each new visit is an opportunity to convert.

You can lose your Facebook account and all the pages attached to it, you can lose your LinkedIn account or any other social media account, your website (meaning self hosted) is the safest place for your content and the safest place to build your online presence.

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