Case Studies

Non Profit organization:


Establish the brand, develop online presence and drive traffic and exposure to the cause

We developed and implemented an integrated social media and online strategy:

  • Redesigned both the charity website and fundraising event website.
  • Designed, branded and deployed the Facebook, You Tube and Twitter channels
  • Tightly integrated social media channels with the charity websites, email and live marketing

Result, within 6 months:

  • Increased website monthly visits 341%
  • Increased website monthly page views 685%
  • Increased Facebook followers 468%
  • Increase Facebook monthly active users 1353%
  • Increased Facebook post views 2800%
  • Increased Facebook interactions 2060%
  • Developed Twitter account from 0 to 900

Sporting good company:

New division, revolutionary product in the swimming market


Correct misconceptions about the product, establish credibility, generate leads for the reps, increase sales

Using an integrated strategy including:

  • Grass-root marketing to each out to users, athletes and retailers (trade shows, sporting events, clinics)
  • Athletes and events sponsorship
  • Sampling
  • Public relation to reach out to traditional media and maximize exposure and ROI on small budget
  • Social media to reach out to:
    • Online media, to correct misconceptions and misinformation about the product
    • Users, to educate them and helped them use the product correctly


Within a few months, we had a 30% rate of adoption in Triathlon competitions and in the following 12 months, increased sales from $1.5M to $5M