Digital Marketing

Spinnaker Marketing; Your Go To Partner for Custom Social Media/Digital Marketing Solutions

Our experience covers a variety of markets from consumer products to services to professional associations but our focus is on small and medium size organizations.

Our personalized approach allows us to customize our media and digital marketing services to align with your needs. Here’s how we can support your business growth;

Local SEO/SEO Optimization:

We tune your website and social media profiles to make sure they are easily discoverable and ranked by search engines.

Our expertise in SEO guarantees that your business shows up in searches increasing visibility to potential customers in North San Diego County

Small/Medium Business Web Design

We can build websites of all sizes however our focus is on small and medium size affordable sites.

We use platforms like SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly and WordPress.

These platforms give you flexibility to change the information on the website without having to hire an outsider.

That being said, we can also deliver large complex websites but for these we prefer using external partners who specialize in them.

Social Media Strategy

There are a lot of different social media platforms. Not all will be a good fit for your business.

We help you find the right platforms. What does that mean?

That means matching the demographics, the type of product you sell or services you deliver to the platforms that will the best fit for your business.

That also means a good fit for the amount of time you or your team have available.

We identify the type of content that will work for your business.

We help you set up an editorial calendar so you know what to post and when.

Let’s face it, we live in a time when content can be interpreted the wrong way. Professional troll and competitors can take aim at your business.

We help you create a crisis response strategy

To minimize risk we help you create a social media policy.

If you come under attack online, we help you craft responses that creates goodwill and counter bad press.

We help you pinpoint the social media platforms, for your business based on demographics, products/services offered and available resources.

Our team assists in crafting a tailored content strategy, including a calendar to ensure compelling posts.We also offer advice on handling crises. Can assist in developing guidelines, for social media use to reduce risks associated with online interactions.

Social Media Implementation

We can help you create written content, graphics and photography and do the posting.

If you are in a regulated industry, we will work with you to insure the messaging is compliant.

We help you identify key content creators in your organization and identify content subjects because, let’s face it, who knows your business and your market better than you and your staff.

Social Media Integration

Something a lot of people forget is that social media and digital marketing are not separate from your overall business goals and strategy. Social and digital, from branding to strategy to implementation should be tightly integrated with your traditional marketing

Social Media Coaching

We can help you identify key team members who have the abilities to deliver social media content, to deliver your message, train them and coach them

Through our coaching services we empower your team to confidently navigate social media platforms and effectively convey your brands message.