On Location Marketing

As your partner, in enhancing your in store marketing experience Spinnaker Marketing is here to support you in maximizing the impact of your store presence with an array of strategies and tactics. Lets collaborate on boosting your in store experience and achieving results;

Integrated Approach;

We’ll ensure an seamless brand experience across all channels be it in store online or on platforms. By aligning your marketing efforts we aim to deliver a brand journey for your customers.

Tailored Experiences;

Leveraging data insights and customer segmentation we’ll personalize the in store experience to cater to the preferences and requirements of your clientele thereby enhancing engagement and fostering loyalty.

Leverage Reviews;

Tap into the potential of customer reviews and feedback to enhance your reputation establish trust and draw foot traffic to your stores.

Engage on Social Media Platforms;

We’ll design captivating social media campaigns to engage with your audience showcase your products effectively and entice them to visit your store. Real time interactions and active social listening will play a role, in nurturing connections.

Introduce Loyalty Programs and Exclusive Offers;

Encourage your patrons with rewards and create custom loyalty programs to encourage them to come back again. Offer deals that bring value and improve the overall shopping experience in your store.

Influencer Marketing

Work together with influencers who’re a fit, for your brand to help spread the word attract new customers and create excitement around in store events or special promotions.

Use email marketing

Keep your customers engaged by sending them personalized emails showcasing discounts, new products and suggestions based on their shopping habits.

Make sure your online presence is optimized for searches

Boost your stores visibility, in search results. This will drive customers to visit your store and increase awareness within your community.