3 PR lessons from Heineken’s crisis

Photos of a dogfight with prominent Heineken branding went viral. The beer maker has denied knowledge of the event, but that hasn’t stopped the criticism.

There’s crisis control, and then there’s the ordeal that Heineken is facing.

The beer maker has been slammed in traditional and social media since photos of a dogfight with prominent Heineken branding went viral.

Heineken has denied knowledge of the event, which apparently occurred at a Mongolian nightclub in 2011. Any sane person would realize right away that Heineken is probably not sponsoring dog fighting. But it wouldn’t be the Internet if everyone were of sound mind.

Naturally, the masses took to Heineken’s Facebook page to berate the company. What could it do? Blindsided by the photo, Heineken launched into action.

On Tuesday, Heineken posted twice to its Facebook page—first at 2:00 a.m. Central Time and again at 5:44 a.m. The company moved quickly to investigate and craft a response, which can be found on its website and its Facebook page.

Here are few lessons we can take from Heineken’s misfortune:

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I am looking for a job, why should I care about social media?

I hear that a lot and recently have been asked to do presentations to several job clubs.

They did not ask me to do my usual “how to” presentation, instead, they asked me to design and deliver a presentation explaining why their members should care about social media and why social media was so important to their job search.

They also mentioned that a number of their members had been asked by employers what they knew about social media and how they would leverage social media to help the company if they were to be hired.

Social media step by step

Over the past couple of years, I have delivered quite a few social media workshops and received a lot of very good feedback and follow up requests.

To answer some of the questions, I posted a few of my presentations slides on Slideshare. the slides, though,informative, lack the detailed explanations I give during the workshops.I needed another way to get the information out and my new blog gives me the tool I need to do just that.

I am unveiling next week a series of features that will take users from 101 to advanced, step by step.

  • LinkedIn Monday will take users step by step from I juts opened a LinkedIn account… now what do I do?
  • Facebook Tuesday will guide users who just opened an account or are considering it, step by step through the process and coach them through the “Do’s and Don’t  of Facebook
  • Facebook Business Wednesday will help business users make the most out of their page
  • Social Media Thursday will deal with other platforms such as geolocation, social bookmarking, blogging, You Tube, strategy…

I look forward to your feedback and interactions.

Marketers want better social media analytic tools

A recent Web Liquid survey shows that although 95% of respondents state that monitoring social mentions is a priority, only 74% have strategies in place to do so.

The most used social monitoring tool is Google Alerts, used by 59% of respondents, followed by Radian 6 with 9% of respondents.

Not surprisingly, only 23% of respondents were satisfied with to monitor social mentions and only 23% are “very” satisfied with their social media analytics tool.

In an environment still ruled by traditionalists driven by traditional metrics, analytics still are the weak link.