Social Media Strategies And Tactics For The Job Search Slides

Social media strategies and tactics for the job search presentation InlandNet, May 15

Social Media Strategies And Tactics For The Job SearchWhat is social media?

Understanding social recruiting/social job search

Understanding the main platforms in the context of the job search

Social job search strategies and tactics

  • What happens in Vegas…  ends up on social media, find out what you don’t know that may hurt your search
  • Listen
  • Understanding the platforms to identify the ones that fit your job search strategy
  • Developing and managing your online brand

Tools to help you maximize your social media time

  • Monitoring:
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Facebook Job search apps
  • Twitter Job search apps
  • Twitter directories
  • Is your content on target


Social Media Helps Life Technologies Improve Business

Life Technologies’ global senior e-marketing manager for search and social, Robin Smith, explains how the deep relationships the company makes with its fans help influence the products the company makes and how it does business. Their approach is a sustainable way to actively make business better with social media.

Some of her key points:

  • Customers relate to a person, not a company. Making real, human relationships with individuals, as individuals, is key to earning your fans’ trust and opinions. Smith says Life Technologies works hard to let employees have their own voice in social media.
  • A lot of employees shy away from engaging online because they’re afraid of screwing up. Smith explains how the brand helps anyone from an executive to a product manager feel comfortable contributing
  • Social media can change how you do business. Smith talks about how social helped the company launch a product and even come up with a name for it. She explains how your social media fans can be a great resource if you take time to cultivate great relationships.

Healthcare Company Kaiser Permanente Leverages Video

Healthcare company Kaiser Permanente’s director of digital media and syndication, Vince Golla, talked about how the company brought its fans’ genuine, unscripted stories to a bigger audience without hiring an expensive production company.

Some key takeaways from his presentation:

  • You can’t sample healthcare. Kaiser Permanente needed to show people in compelling, honest ways reasons customers love the brand. So the company turned to video testimonials and spotlighting the people who make it great: its staff.
  • Your videos don’t have to be perfect. Golla says to keep the video blog sustainable, the company had to pull production off on its own. So the company hired an indie filmmaker to show the staff some basics and an intern to teach them how to edit it.
  • Make your great content usable everywhere to get the most out of it. Kaiser Permanente didn’t stop at posting videos in social media. The healthcare company played them in waiting rooms, at meetings and on its internal channels to build pride in the content, while still spreading the word.

Farmers Insurance Journey to Social Media ROI

Very informative presentation by Farmers Insurance Group’s Director of Social Media, Ryon Harms.  Ryon shares how they help their agent engage on social media, insure compliance and measuring social media ROI.

Ryon talks about how their Facebook engagement strategy is focused on their people instead of their product and gives examples of how their local agents are connecting daily with customers.

Take out from the presentation:

  1. Social media is about relationships, not product or services, relationships generate ROI
  2. The best social media ideas will probably come from the field
  3. Your employees are valuable resources in your social media programs, don’t cut them off social media, empower them
  4. Don’t write off social media as a business generator
  5. I regulated environments you need to have a system to monitor social media conversations, the same way you need to monitor websites and emails for compliance.

Study Predicts Growing Use Of Social Media In Healthcare

A recent study concluded that social media would continue to be a factor for healthcare providers and consumers while at the same time, ambiguous regulations, privacy concerns and a host of other factors limit how patients and healthcare providers use social media

Once these hurdles are overcome, the PwC report said, social media “will open new opportunities to improve health delivery and outcomes

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Going Digital to Get to First Trial

Cargill’s Internet Marketing Manager, Chris Obray, discussed how the company used social media sites Facebook and Twitter to create brand awareness of their product Truvia to their target market.

Deluxe Corporation Project REV

Very interesting presentation by Deluxe Corporation’s SEM and Social Media Manager, Nathan Eide.

Nathan shares how they launched a social media campaign to create brand awareness and gain customer feedback and insights on its products.

Nathan shows how you can raise awareness to your brand, gather intelligence on your product and services, do product development using social media