Farmers Insurance Journey to Social Media ROI

Very informative presentation by Farmers Insurance Group’s Director of Social Media, Ryon Harms.  Ryon shares how they help their agent engage on social media, insure compliance and measuring social media ROI.

Ryon talks about how their Facebook engagement strategy is focused on their people instead of their product and gives examples of how their local agents are connecting daily with customers.

Take out from the presentation:

  1. Social media is about relationships, not product or services, relationships generate ROI
  2. The best social media ideas will probably come from the field
  3. Your employees are valuable resources in your social media programs, don’t cut them off social media, empower them
  4. Don’t write off social media as a business generator
  5. I regulated environments you need to have a system to monitor social media conversations, the same way you need to monitor websites and emails for compliance.

Study Predicts Growing Use Of Social Media In Healthcare

A recent study concluded that social media would continue to be a factor for healthcare providers and consumers while at the same time, ambiguous regulations, privacy concerns and a host of other factors limit how patients and healthcare providers use social media

Once these hurdles are overcome, the PwC report said, social media “will open new opportunities to improve health delivery and outcomes

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I am looking for a job, why should I care about social media?

I hear that a lot and recently have been asked to do presentations to several job clubs.

They did not ask me to do my usual “how to” presentation, instead, they asked me to design and deliver a presentation explaining why their members should care about social media and why social media was so important to their job search.

They also mentioned that a number of their members had been asked by employers what they knew about social media and how they would leverage social media to help the company if they were to be hired.