Social media step by step

Over the past couple of years, I have delivered quite a few social media workshops and received a lot of very good feedback and follow up requests.

To answer some of the questions, I posted a few of my presentations slides on Slideshare. the slides, though,informative, lack the detailed explanations I give during the workshops.I needed another way to get the information out and my new blog gives me the tool I need to do just that.

I am unveiling next week a series of features that will take users from 101 to advanced, step by step.

  • LinkedIn Monday will take users step by step from I juts opened a LinkedIn account… now what do I do?
  • Facebook Tuesday will guide users who just opened an account or are considering it, step by step through the process and coach them through the “Do’s and Don’t  of Facebook
  • Facebook Business Wednesday will help business users make the most out of their page
  • Social Media Thursday will deal with other platforms such as geolocation, social bookmarking, blogging, You Tube, strategy…

I look forward to your feedback and interactions.