How To Stop Facebook to AutoPlay Videos On IPhone

How can I stop Facebook to autoplay videos and using all my data plan?

You may have noticed that recently Facebook started auto playing videos.  It’s annoying at best when you are on your computer or tablet at home, it can get downright expensive when viewed on your mobile phone, especially if you have a limited data plan.

Videos are a huge drain on your data plan and could easily put you over your limit and incurring additional and substantial costs

You cannot stop Facebook to autoplay videos but on your IPhone you can tell Facebook to only auto-play only when you are connected to a WiFi network and stop draining your data plan

On your IPhone:

  1. go to “Settings”  Stop Facebook to autoplay
  2. scroll down to Facebook Stop Facebook to autoplay
  3. click on Facebook
  4. click on settings Stop Facebook to autoplay
  5. push the slider “Auto-play on Wifi only”  Stop Facebook to autoplayShare with your friends