Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is your website mobile friendlyIs your website mobile friendly or not, if it is not, you will want to know about April 21st

We’ve all heard and laughed at Geico’s commercial “Do you know what day it is”, April 21st is not hump day but if your website is not responsive (aka friendly to mobile devices like smart phones, I pads and other tablets) it’s the day Google will start penalize your rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or the science, some would say the art of making Google and other search engines want to visit and rank your site has change a lot in the past few years and Google, the main search engine with 62.3% share of the searches¬† has been modifying its algorithm to make it more difficult to manipulate it but also to make search more accurate and relevant (at least that’s what they claim)

The algorithm has evolved from key words to links to relevance to delivering a better experience while delivering revenue to Google.

Part of user experience, since an increasing number of searches are done on mobile devices, actually, mobile search is predicted to surpass desktop search in 2015 it’s easy to understand why Google decided to include mobile display a factor in rankings and penalize websites that do not display well on mobile devices.

If you have an older website, call your website designer before your rankings start plummeting.  You can also contact us for referrals

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