Design Thinking

Did you watch 60 Minutes this past Sunday? Charlie Rose did a segment on Design Thinking and David Kelley, CEO of IDEO, the Silicon Valley design firm.

Design Thinking

You are probably wondering what design thinking has to do with social media.
It’s simple, design thinking is listening and observing users to design/create products and services that will work the way users use them. What a novel idea… creating products people want to buy because they are intuitive.

Now back to social media. Social media, in many ways is the art of listening to and engaging with your audience in a way they feel comfortable with, resulting in positive and constructive relationships, increased goodwill and awareness and ultimately a decision to purchase and recommend your product to their friends.

If you have an opportunity, I highly recommend you watch the segment.

In the mean time, here is the article: How to design breakthrough inventions

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