Instagram, is it for your business?

Is Instagram really the best business marketing platform?

I have been asked a loInstagramt of questions about Instagram recently.

I am assuming a lot of the noise comes from recent changes in the Facebook interface and algorithm, the organic reach disappearing and the fact that for businesses, Facebook has become an advertising platform where businesses and brands now have to pay to play.

Milleniums have been the most vocal in promoting Instagram as the newest and best marketing platform.

So, let’s dig into the numbers.
Pew Research is a well respected institution that has been tracking social media for several years so they are a pretty reliable reference
-80% of Instagram users are out of the US
-of the 800 millions active users, only 160 millions are in the US
-38% of users in the US are women, 26% men
-59% of users in the US are under 30
-95% of Instagram users in the US also use Facebook
-54% also use Pinterest
-63 percent of teenagers in the US use Instagram daily
Instagram is also a mostly mobile and visual platform

In the end, there is a lot more to marketing than fades and short term trends, not that I think Instagram is either.

The best marketing platform is the platform used by your clients and prospects. Before selecting a platform, look at the demographics and ask yourself the question, are the demographics my market or the market I want to reach.

If your market is  young adults or teenagers, if your clients and prospects tend to be younger women, then definitely Instagram is a good platform for your business

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