Marketing And Social Media Consultants too Expensive?

Marketing And Social Media Consultants too Expensive?Marketing and social media consultants hear this a lot “Your services are expensive”, never mind when you are a consultant with extensive traditional and digital and social media marketing experience

When considering the quotes from  marketing or social media consultants, a lot of factors come into play.

A Major part of every business (small or large) success is the ability to implement an effective marketing strategy.

That becomes even more important when you look at the  constant and fast evolution of the digital/social media landscape.

Keep in mind that marketing, traditional or digital is not a magic wand, it does not work overnight, it requires perseverance and commitment.

Not all platforms will work every time or for every case, it takes know how, testing, measuring.  Keeping up with the developments, especially in the social media field takes time, takes keeping up with trends with what is done, what has worked, what has not worked, not a time commitment most small businesses that takes time.

In my experience, most small business owners want to focus on the big picture, on their business, on what they are passionate about, not marketing.  At the same time most small businesses cannot make the financial commitment for a full time marketing department.

The cost of a marketing team (these are median salaries)

  • Marketing Manager – $61,000
  • Digital Marketing Manager – $73,000
  • Social Media Manager – $49,000
  • SEO Marketing Expert – $60,000
  • Web Designer – $47,000
  • Graphic Designer – $53,000
  • Copywriter – $55,000

(source: Social Media Today and Payscale)

Even when they have someone or a small in house team dedicated to marketing, they do not have the time to keep up to date on the latest graphic design, SEO, or social media marketing trends

Marketing and/or social media consultants who also understand digital/social media will give you access to the latest internet marketing trends from an educated individual whose job is knowing what changes might be lurking around the corner.

This means you get to stay up to date with the latest SEO changes and which marketing channels are best suited to your business’ niche.

Now let’s talk about hiring an intern:
Interns are cheap but often times the price you pay ends up costing far more than what you paid.
Let me explain:
Social marketing for example, just to take a marketing component that can have immediate, long lasting and expensive consequences for your brand and your business.  It’s easy to find social media savvy interns, they know how to post on Facebook, Twitter and other upcoming platforms but do they understand how what they post and how they post it can impact all facets of your business?  You won’t find out until you have a crisis on your hands and it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”
Do they understand your marketing and business strategy?  Do they understand how to integrate social marketing and digital marketing into your overall business and marketing strategy?
Are they going to understand what you want to achieve and give you an educated opinion on your current strategy
Do they understand how social and digital impacts your search rankings and how to optimize the  different platforms?
What are your thoughts, please share in comments

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