Peugeot leverages Pinterest for Global Branding

Peugeot came to DDB Panama and said, “hey my brand is cool, I want to be in social media.” Instead of just creating a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Foursquare venue (which they did) the crew at DDB Panama decided this was a brand that needed to be on Pinterest.

By creating boards for each of their cars and inviting people to pin on them then tying the Pinterest activity into Facebook and Twitter, Peugeot grew their social media presence by leaps and bounds.

Depending on your point of view you will applaud the clever use of the new media that Pinterest is, or you’ll will see it as the next social media network to be over-run by brands. Nevertheless, when you can create global brand awareness from a tiny country like Panama, you know you’ve got yourself a great case study.


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