Social Media Disrupting Your Sales Cycle?

The Art of Social Selling: Does Social Media Disrupt Your Sales Cycle?

SellingHow do you sell in a world where you no longer have an informational advantage over customers? In 2013, many of your customers are likely as knowledgeable about your products as you are. They know who your other customers are, who your competitors are, the product specs and how they compare to competitors, and they’re all talking.

Fortunately the same tools your customers use to learn about you and your competitors are just as open for you to learn about them. Social selling gives you the resources to find high value customers, learn what they’re looking for, and sell to them more effectively than ever before. Join as we explore:

  • How to combine CRM automation and other new technology with inside sales to develop a competitive strategy
  • Whether social media can replace other strategies to fill your pipeline.
  • Key points in the sales cycle where social media has replaced traditional strategies

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